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Reiki 2

Reiki level 2 is known as the "practitioner" level and qualifies you to practice Reiki professionally if you choose.

You will be introduced to ancient symbols that intensify the power of Reiki and help you greatly in the process of healing yourself and others.
You will learn a process to develop and trust your intuition. With practice, intuition, psychic ability and telepathy are heightened.
You will be able to transmit distant (absentee) healings and receive information through writing.
The initiation of Reiki 2 raises your vibration and heightens your intuition.
This course is truly a remarkable journey where you will discover abilities you never knew you had!

Note: Groups are kept small to ensure maximum individual attention.

Students receive a detailed Reiki 2 manual and a certificate upon completion of the course.

The second-degree course covers:

Introduction of Reiki symbols which help to:
- Increase the potency of the energy
- raise your vibration
- Release and transform issues, patterns that do not serve you any longer.

Develop your intuition and your abilities to connect to your higher wisdom
Perform distant (absent) healing and access subconscious mind/Higher Self through a process of writing.

The Reiki 2 Course is accredited by the Australian Association Of Massage Therapists (AAMT) and the Reiki Association of Australia

Duration: 2 day course (9:30am to 5pm)
Investment: $350 (Or $325 concession)
Deposit: $100.00 payable at time of booking. Course fee or deposit is transferable and not refundable.

- Upcoming course dates are listed on the Calendar Page.

- Click here to download the enrolment form PDF

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